Informed by the press, and faced with the fait accompli of a sales agreement on the Abbey of La Bus-sière sur Ouche, we cannot accept that this exceptional site, a place of peace open to all, the young and less young, individuals, families and people from all walks of life, believers and non-believers, should be turned into a luxury chateau hotel.
For this very special place has a soul that everyone senses when they discover it, a soul belonging to each of those who have long found a bit of peace, happiness or renewal there.
That this ancient Cistercian abbey, our common heritage and still more since its donation to the Church, should become a luxury hotel devoted to the most affluent and to material trivia where once it was a place of eternity, profoundly shocks us.
Moreover, we solemnly ask the Church and the diocese to review their intention to sell by 31 March, and to set up a broad movement associating themselves with not only regional authorities including those of the Ouche Valley, but also public and private partnerships and businesses, and agencies providing accommodation and low-cost and family travel, so that management solutions might be researched and developed to preserve the Abbey’s identity as a place open to the greatest number of people, for periods of individual, collective or fraternal research.
This petition is signed in all conscience by free men and women for whom the Abbey of La Bus-sière sur Ouche is a heritage site and who desire that all its attributes of welcome and commonality be preserved.
They cannot resign themselves to the fact that all of Burgundy’s cultural and spiritual high places may gradually be converted into museums or luxury hotels.
They are committed, should this sale be abandoned and a plan true to the Abbey’s calling be defined, to consolidating the gathering of all friends of La Bussière sur Ouche and contributing, as far as they are able, to the Abbey’s sustainable renaissance.
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